Energy cost is at an all-time high, and inflation is making it harder and harder for people to make ends meet. Your utility cost has more than doubled since 2004. Some of our customers have seen over a 236% increase in that time. The electrical grid is outdated and is in need of major repairs. PG&E and SCE have been blamed for several of California's wildfires in recent years, and brownouts or blackouts are happening more frequently. What if you could stop worrying about the rising cost of electricity and also have the security of not having your lights go out?

When you decide to go solar it's deciding to take your power back from the dirty coal-powered utility company. You will start to produce your own energy that's cleaner, more secure, and cheaper. Plus you will own the system meaning that when it's paid off - NO More electric bills!

Socal Solar Pros will provide you with the information to make the right choice for you and your family. No hard-selling! Always informative and courteous. We work with multiple installers (including some of the biggest in the country) so we can get you the best product available. A system that you can rely on for a lifetime. The mission is not to sell you, but to inspire you to go solar. The goal is to help as many homeowners go solar as possible, and we need everyone's help to spread the word. Join the Solar Revolution! Go Solar and become a Solar Ambassador!

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